Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you not use SLR Camera's? Why do you use iSight?

Actually, we use SLR camera's for most jobs but sometimes an iSight camera is all we need. People often ask us... I want to buy a camera, which is the best camera to buy? Our answer is always the same.. the best camera is the one you have with you... and nowadays, this sentence really does apply. It was only a few years ago that the best digital camera money could buy had 2 megapixels. People are often mistaken in thinking that the higher the megapixels, the better the photograph will be. It is true that you can fit more detail when the megapixels are higher but the quality of the photograph will always depend on the quality of glass used in the lens. An iPhone 6 today has 8 Megapixels, that's four times the amount of megapixels in a high-end £2,000 camera 10 years ago. The fact remains that if you wish to create very large prints (for large window displays or bill-boards), you will without a doubt need a professional camera but when it comes to using images for web sites, social media and any online internet display, the iSight camera is more than enough and will satisfy even the largest of home or business computer screens at 27" inches. Photographs are not taken, they are created. A camera is simply a tool that translates the professional photographer's creation.

How good is the iSight camera?

If you're still unsure as to the capabilities of an iSight camera, just check out the specs below to build your confidence in the iSight's capabilities. iSight Camera - 8-megapixel iSight camera with 1.5µ pixels, Autofocus with Focus Pixels, ƒ/2.2 aperture, True Tone flash, Five-element lens, Hybrid IR filter, Backside illumination sensor, Sapphire crystal lens cover, Auto image stabilisation, Auto HDR for photos, Face detection, Exposure control, Panorama (up to 43 megapixels), Burst mode, Tap to focus, Photo geotagging, Timer mode, Video Recording, 1080p HD video recording (30 fps or 60 fps), True Tone flash, Slo-mo video (120 fps or 240 fps), Time-lapse video, Cinematic video stabilisation, Continuous autofocus video, Take still photos while recording video, Improved face detection, 3x zoom, Video geotagging

Can I see the photographs straight away?

Yes. You can see your photographs as soon as we have finished shooting. We will however need to edit them first before we can give them to you, therefore we'll be taking them back with us for post-processing before they can be finalised and then emailed to you in a .zip file. If you would like the unedited files, we can supply those but we do not recommend this practice as you won't be getting the highest possible image quality.